Thodur Madabusi Krishna’s three-initialled renown as ‘TMK’ comes from his widely acknowledged stature as a vocalist in the Karnatik tradition. His musicality eludes standard analyses. Uncommon in his rendition of music and original in his interpretation of it, Krishna is at once strong and subtle, manifestly traditional and stunningly innovative.

He studied at the Krishnamurti Foundation’s The School in Chennai, and Jiddu Krishnmurti’s philosophy of ‘pathlessness’ has unmistakably influenced Krishna’s un-preconditioned journeys over the Karnatik continent. Krishna’s musical grounding was honed into mastery under the tutelage of Vidvans Seetharama Sarma, Chingleput Ranganathan and the legendary Semmangudi Srinivasier.

Krishna’s pen is sharp, his words blunt. He thinks upon and writes about issues affecting the human condition and about matters musical. He has started and is involved in many organisations whose work is spread across the whole spectrum of Karnatik music, including research, archiving and documentation, taking Karnatik music to smaller towns and villages and supporting artists from rural south India. He has co-authored Voices Within: Carnatic Music – Passing on an Inheritance, a book dedicated to the greats of Karnatik music. His most recent book, A Southern Music, published by Harper Collins in December 2013, is a first-of-its-kind work on the Carnatic tradition.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Krishna, This is Ejji. I do not have your mail id or contact number and so am using this medium to get across to you. (Sorry if this mail can be viewed by others.) The last time I had a mail from you was when I was doing the Highwaytoswades Drive in May 2014. I distinctly remember I received your mail when I was in the remotest part of Meghalaya in a “sacred grove”, surprised both by your mail and the ability to receive mobile phone signals at so remote a place.
    Recently, I had shared your letter to Modi on my FB page. It drew quite a wide response. Not one dissenting voice at all! I would like you to see this link for some of the comments I received: https://www.facebook.com/ejji.k.umamahesh/posts/10207092484766875?notif_t=like
    I also make it a point to read your columns and appreciate your command of English, tongue in cheek humor and Frankness beyond compare! I do enquire about you to Sivakumar or Narayanan whenever I meet them.
    Would love to be in touch with you. Regards to you, Sangeetha and family. Are you in touch with Rasika? Do let me have your mail id.
    These are my coordinates:
    ​Ejji K. Umamahesh
    Web site: http://www.ejji.4t.com
    Blog: ejji6t.wordpress.com
    Momadrives: http://www.momadrives.com
    Highwaytoswades: http://www.highwaytoswades.in
    Photo gallery: picasaweb.google.com/ejjiumamahesh
    Hand phone: + 91 99406 35547


  2. Haven’t browsed through the website much. Love the singing of T.M. Krishna and the way he improvises. I had been a part of a fusion music band and we had performed songs like ‘Manavyalakim’ and ‘Chinnanjiru Kiliye’, like the way TMK sings. Feels heavenly to listen to such improvisation of yours. Loads of respect for him as a human being and what he stands for. Thanks a lot everything. I am sure I will be partnering in carrying forward this genre of music and standing for art as a whole. :)


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