Why do I read you, Outlook?

Not to seek a reiteration of my own opinions or for a vindication of my beliefs. Not to seek contrary opinions either. Both those reasons would be self-defeating. The former would lead to a pretentious ‘I was right’. The latter, while urging me to reconsider my stances, would, most of the time, actually do the exact opposite. I would ‘dig my heels in’ even deeper. I read you, really, to hear ‘voices’—voices from across the sea of humanity, giving me many eyes and ears to sense society with. In general, socio-political publications tinker with the voices, change accents around, “clean up” dialects or, even worse, press the “mute” button.

Outlook for me stands out as a distinct publication where the voices have been varied, diverse, soft, loud, intimate, mannered, violent, tender, brash, considerate, empathetic and even sterile. But they have been voices, real, true, human voices. We are the owners of every one of these emotions and Outlook symbolises us, the human race, and specifically the ones living within the cultural basket we call ‘India’.

Originally written for Outlook

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