November 2019

November 1st (Friday)
Concert titled “TM Krishna sings Guru (Mind of Guru: Mystical and Musical)” with Akkarai Subhalakshmi, K Arun Prakash and N Guruprasad conceptualised and curated by Nool Archives
Venue: TATA Theatre NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai.
Time: 07.00 PM

November 9th (Saturday)
Concert at Krishna Gana Sabha with K V Prasad and Anirudh Athreya
Venue: Krishna Gana Sabha main auditorium, Maharajapuram Santhanam road, T Nagar, Chennai.
Time: 06.00 PM

November 10th (Sunday)
Delivering the Deenadhayalan Memorial Lecture on “Civil Society, Dissent and Democracy”
Venue: 199/287, Avai Shanmugam Salai, Azad Nagar, Royapettah, Chennai
Time: 06.00 PM

November 16th (Saturday)
Performing at the Theatre De La Ville, Paris along with Akkarai Subhalakshmi, Praveen Sparsh and Anirudh Athreya.
Presented by Festival de l’Imaginaire and the Maison des Cultures du Monde, along with the Theatre de la Ville.
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November 17th (Sunday)
Master Class
Venue: Arta – La Cartoucherie, 6 Route du Champ De Manoeuvre,75012, Paris.
Time: 3 – 6 PM
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November 18th (Monday)
Will be in discussion with Daniel Bertrand and Ingrid Le Gargasson on the topic, “The Power and Politics of Art”
Venue: Inalco – Amphi 6, 65 Rue Des Grands Moulins, Amphi 6, 2 eme etage
Time: 6.30 PM
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21 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Can you please upload the dates for August 2015 as soon as they are available? I don’t live in Madras or Bangalore but would really like to see TMK perform. I’d hate to miss a concert because there wasn’t enough time to make travel plans. Thank you.

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  2. Can you kindly publish as purchase-able CDs, the various lecdems given over time?
    warm greetings from bangalore


  3. Dear Krishna
    Been listening to your music for quite a few years now but had the opportunity to read more about you only today. You are doing a wonderful job. Road less travelled is not easy but keep at it. One striking factor while reading about all your initiatives is that your energy, thought and focus is divided on multiple fronts. Maybe what you started as a passion has grown beyond you now. If what you visualized needs to fructify you would need to let it go as an individual and let a community of similar minds take it forward. Similar to the open source movement. Thats far more sustainable, gives scale and also brings in rich thoughts. Set the platform, famework and let it take off. Best! Warm regards, Srikanth.G


  4. Dear Krishnaji, I do not know music…but I came to know what is music after ‘following” in your journey of enjoying your own singing when opportunities permitted me to do so….It is true that Music is the gift
    given by God -to some body to sing and enlighten and some body to listen….that was my view…
    Now I have changed that God has given some body to sing for their inner joy…when we silently follow them we can also enjoy….and some time get enlighten…

    let me put an example, when you sang Kamakshi in padma seshadri school – morning sesssion, I just closed my eyes….I got violet flame going inside me and my eyes were misted….that is the expeirence
    first time……….Please remember I do not know music………for us I request you to give frequent opportunities to sing for yourself and we will just follow you…for our enlightment….

    with Good wishes,
    a follower


  5. Greetings! I only recently discovered your music and it moves me very much. Are you coming to Europe anytime in 2016? I would love to listen to you live.


  6. We enjoyed your concert in Nayaki last Sunday particularly patnam subramanya iyer’s bilahari piece. We were trying to identify the kriti immediately following this, which went like ‘paripovala ra neerajaksha’. Can you tell us the actual words. The main piece in kalyani was great.

    We also appreciated the role given to gatam(sri guruprasad):and ganjira (sri purushothaman)and the way they alternated with vocal and violin. Enjoyable role by percussion even without mridangam.


  7. Hope you are doing great! As someone who looks forward to ur performances, this page is my default home page… :-) please update the schedule…
    Not sure if u r holidaying.. If yes.. then.. Hope u r having a wonderful time!! Have fun!! :-)


  8. Namaskaram krishna,
    This is sivagami from the land of nagarajan maama. In chennai for a bit. Can meet if it works for you. Call when you get a chance on my chennai cell 9500063861


  9. When are you performing next in Bangalore Sir. Looking forward to your spirited rendition.

    Saw your lecture on Youtube. If you may explain how without Bhakti, music is possible ? Music is a medium to express Bhakti / Passion and a yearning to reach the supreme and not a set of notations being rendered. That can be programmed nowadays. As you said rightly in the lecture, you cannot transform without touching the heart / individual emotions and that is possible only with Bhava. eg. You have to feel Rama to sing Rama, just like our tone / bhava changes when we speak to our mother vis a vis a colleague. rgds TSKK


  10. Dear sir
    regarding 29sep concert,
    please confirm the venue. to my best of knowledge kerala sangeeta nataka academy is at thrissur un kerala.
    hoping for clarity.



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