Masterclass with TM Krishna

Introducing a series of Online Masterclasses by TM Krishna hoping to nurture fearless, non-hierarchical and serious engagement with Karnatik Music.

Each class will be centered on a theme and will consist of singing, discussions and questions. At every masterclass, TM Krishna will be teaching a student and this will be a trigger for larger learnings. Every participant will be allowed to ask questions, clarify doubts and engage actively. Depending on the content they may also be asked to sing individually. If an applicant is not a practicing singer or musician, she or he is requested to mention the same on their registration form.

Topics Include: (in the order of classes)

  1. Different approaches to one Raga
  2. Folk vs Classical
  3. Understanding the Varnam
  4. The Main artist!
  5. Conceptualizing an Alapana
  6. What is Bhakthi?
  7. Practice in theory – Sangita Sampradaya Pradarshini
  8. The sound of gender!
  9. Tanam and Kalpanasvara – a duet
  10. Do I need to agree with the composer?
  11. Form in freedom
  12. Who owns Karnatik music?

Masterclass Fee:
Only First 6 classes – 300 USD (or equivalent)
All 12 classes – 500 USD (or equivalent)

Age Limit:

15 years and Above [Since the subjects are advanced it may be difficult for someone younger than 15 years of age to follow]

90 mins per session

17th to 22nd August and 23rd to 29th August | 6.30 AM [FULL] & 7:30 PM IST [FULL] | Every day

Please Note:

  1. The number of slots are limited and will be reserved on a First Come First Serve basis
  2. We have closed requests for financial assistance. We are processing your requests regarding the same and we will get back to you soon.
  3. We will not be processing payment refunds towards any of the confirmed registrations

We will get back to you regarding the confirmation of your slot and the process for fee payment.